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Reduce your Healthcare Costs with Wellness Incentives!
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Combating the high cost of healthcare is a major challenge for small businesses with limited resources. However, employing a small number of workers can also be an opportunity to tailor a wellness incentive program to the specific needs of the organization and its employees. Small businesses can spend little budget and time polling employees on wellness program expectations. Additionally, having limited resources can inspire creative wellness incentive solutions that are rewarding for participants.

In the past year alone, healthcare costs have increased by 5%. The impact of implementing a wellness program that improves the health and well being of workers can benefit a small business in many ways. From higher employee engagement and retention to lower healthcare costs and absenteeism, wellness programs equal dramatic cost savings for small businesses.

Case Study

A design firm asked Awards Network to implement and administer a wellness incentive program to its 50 employees.

Awards Network created an online wellness program that allowed employees to read health and wellness information, learn about the goals of the program, view their points earned and browse the online award catalog. Once a month, employees were invited to take part in a brown bag lunch followed by a 20 minute promenade. Throughout the wellness program, participants got in the practice of completing monthly HRA quizzes online, cooking the weekly healthy meal idea and making appointments with physicians for annual physicals. From awarding points and reporting on the wellness program success to gift fulfillment, all aspects of the online wellness incentive program were managed by Awards Network.

Benefits and Results of the Wellness Incentive Program:
The small business reported after 2 years, for every dollar that was invested in the wellness program, health care costs were reduced by over $3. Employee engagement increased by over 20% and the company was able to reduce absenteeism by over 35%

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