Tailored Experience

With Awards Network, you will receive a complimentary website along with options for presenting or promoting your program to employees. We make sure that every aspect of your program is unique to your organization so that your appreciation traces directly back to you.

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Gift Program's Presentation Materials

As a way to notify your recipients of their reward, Gift Programs include the choice of customized presentation options. Each option is designed by Awards Network to compliment your reward website, following your creative direction.


Award Packet

$4.00 per packet + shipping

Ideal for service milestone awards or other appreciation related awards, this formal printed option contains five pieces including a signed congratulatory letter, certificate of appreciation, sample reward catalog and order form. The final product is packaged together inside of a portfolio cover and sealed with a silver band.


Award Booklet

$3.00 per booklet + shipping

The perfect choice for company events and dinners, this printed option is bound together like a magazine. The inside front cover includes a signed congratulatory letter, a printed catalog can be found in the center, and the inside back cover contains an order form and instructions for placing either mail-in or online orders. This product comes packaged inside a crisp white envelope.


Award Card

$1.00 per card + shipping

This option is a one sided printed piece and is similar in size to a postcard (5.5”x8.8”), making it easy to hand out quickly for a job well done. A congratulatory message may be included to accompany instructions for gift redemption. Award Cards may be printed and shipped to you or can be emailed to you as a PDF free of charge.


Award Email


Take advantage of notifying recipients of their achievement and reward electronically. These emails also serve as a great reminder tool when used in conjunction with one of the three printed pieces. Emails contain a custom congratulatory message and instructions for recipients to order their reward online.


Custom Websites For All

All of our websites are custom designed by our creative specialists to match the theme of your program and your company's branding guidelines. Each website is complimentary and is a vital aspect to your program. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure your reward website reflects your organization's vision.

Point Program's Promotional Pieces

A crucial way to get the word out about your Points Program is with promotional pieces. Whether you're announcing your program's launch or just keeping participants coming back for more, our custom designed promotions will do just that. Each piece will be tailored to match your program's website and branding guidelines.


Point Statement

Included with Setup Fee

A great option for Points Programs when online or email access is scarce. Point Statements include helpful information regarding how to access the program, but more importantly include an update of each participant's point balance within the program (such as points assigned, points spent, and points remaining). Point statements are provided as a PDF to you, and are easy to print and distribute on a reoccurring basis. 


Announcement Emails

Included with Setup Fee

The perfect way to consistently communicate program updates to your participants is with emails, and what better way to take the stress off of you than by letting Awards Network handle it? We're happy to create an email template for any occasion or program announcement you'd like.


Flyer / Poster

Included with Setup Fee

The best way to keep your points program front of mind for employees is by showcasing it. Put these reminders in high traffic areas of the workplace to raise program awareness. Both options may be designed for a multitude of reasons, such as for program launch or a special announcement. These materials are created complimentary for your program and are supplied via PDF for printing at your convenience.


On The Spot Card

Included with Setup Fee

Need a way to distribute points in person? On the Spot Cards are an ideal way to do so. These business card sized (3" x 2") handouts come with a unique code which deposits a predetermined point value, specified by you, into your recipient's account. Codes can be immediately deposited by participants into their online account to be used towards a gift of their choice!