Tailored Experience

Customizable congratulatory materials for gift recipients.

Personalized Presentation Materials

When you sign up with Awards Network, you will receive the choice of four different presentation options for notifying your award recipients of their achievement and reward. Each presentation option will be fully customized to match your reward website, which will follow your creative direction as well as your company’s branding guidelines. 

  • Option 1: Award Packet
  • Option 2: Award Booklet
  • Option 3: Award Card
  • Option 4: Award Email
  • Award Website

$4.00 per packet + shipping

The Award Packet is our deluxe presentation option and is ideal for service milestone awards or other appreciation related awards. This formal printed option contains five customizable pieces including a signed congratulatory letter, certificate of appreciation, sample reward catalog and order form, all packaged together inside of a portfolio cover and sealed with silver band.
Instructions for ordering, either online or by mail, are included in this presentation option. Each piece can easily be removed from the portfolio so that it can be saved or framed to hang in a special place.



$3.00 per booklet + shipping

The Award Booklet is the perfect presentation option for company events and dinners. This printed option is bound together like a magazine, so all of the pieces stay intact and nothing gets lost on the way home.

The inside front cover includes a spot for a signed congratulatory letter, while the inside back cover contains an order form and instructions for placing either a mail-in or online order. In the center of the booklet is a sample reward catalog containing a few pages of our most popular items. The final product is packaged inside a white envelope with the recipient's name.



$1.00 per card + shipping

The Award Card is a no-fuss presentation option. This final printed option is one sided and the size of a postcard (5”x7”), which makes it easy to hand out quickly to your recipients for a job well done. A brief congratulatory message may be included to accompany the instructions for recipients to access your complimentary reward website and order their gift. Award Cards may be printed and shipped to you at the cost listed above, or can be emailed to you as a PDF free of charge for in-house printing.WhatWeOffer_AwardCard



The Award Email is our electronic option for notifying recipients of their achievement and reward. Award Emails may also serve as a great reminder tool when used in conjunction with one of the three printed pieces. Award Emails contain a custom congratulatory message and instructions for recipients to order their reward online.



Custom Award Website

All recognition programs include a customized website, branded to the client's marketing standards, including a logo, color scheme, look & feel of current website (if desired) and any verbiage specified.

Websites include a branded Homepage, Login Page, Catalog of Gift Options for each award recipient, Cart Page and Checkout page, as well as a Help Ticket section.

Awards Network aims to Amplify Workplace CultureTM across all organizations, no matter the size or industry. Our proprietary engagement platform of rewarding activities and features creates an exhilarating employee recognition and appreciation experience for employees and managers alike.