Safety Award Options

Encourage safe behaviors and reinforce best practices with an easy to use safety program, customized to your company and goals! Whether you award for a single time or let rewards accrue, we have straightforward programs to award employees for a job well done.

Safety Awards

Awards Network’s employee safety awards programs are perfect for driver safety, safety in the workplace, safety contests and on the spot safety awards.

All you have to do is choose your objectives, presentation method, and the price level(s) you want to award employees. Workers will be able to select their own reward from hundreds of options.

How It Works

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Award Features

You can present your awards to employees with any of our four presentation options. We offer 15 price levels to award from, starting at $25. Each level has over 100 brand name merchandise options to choose from and all orders ship free within the 48 contiguous United States. Employees can redeem their awards online or via fax or mail.


Safety Incentives

Employee safety incentive programs are perfect for companies looking to reward people over time, allowing them to accrue points that can be saved up or spent.

Awards Network’s safety incentive programs feature brand name rewards and travel options your employees will want to earn! Our safety recognition experts will help you develop a program for your exact needs.

How It Works



Incentive Features

These programs can either be fully online or feature printed options for easy redemption. Employees will be able to redeem points as they earn, or save them up for larger items. The catalog of options range from $20 up to $6,000, and all gifts ship free within the 48 contiguous United States.


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