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Manufacturing Safety Reward Program

Manufacturing Safety Award Program

Increasing safety in the workplace is a goal established by many organizations within the manufacturing industry, but achieving safety compliance can seem like a difficult task to manage. Awards Network's safety incentive programs whether paper based, online based or both is a great solution for manufacturers looking to increase the safety awareness of employees while also reducing costs related to accidents and creating a culture of safety in the workplace.

Awards Network Account Managers work side by side with clients in the manufacturing industry to ensure that each safety award program is as successful as possible. All program administration, communication of the safety program, production of safety certificates and catalogs and gift fulfillment is performed by Awards Network. Most importantly, reporting is available anytime for program administrators so that the safety incentive program’s effectiveness can be measured and compared over time.


The Challenge

A leading manufacturing company approached Awards Network in need of a safety incentive program to encourage proper safety compliance and help to lower costs associated with lost time accidents.

The Solution

Awards Network worked with the manufacturer to compile a list of goals. Once the budget was set and the amount for each goal was established, a custom online safety incentive program was designed to the manufacturer’s requirements. Managers distributed safety points to employees as goals were achieved.

The employees logged into the online website to view information on safety program goals and corresponding point levels, take monthly safety quizzes, take advantage of peer to peer opportunities and place orders. Once a quarter, account statements were sent out to the employees’ homes along with ordering information. Once a month, company announcements were mailed to safety supervisors at each location who held safety meetings that introduced new safety goals and kept employees actively involved in safety awareness and compliance in the workplace.


The Results

  • The manufacturer saved $6.50 per every $1 invested in the safety incentive program over the course of 2 years.

  • Reduced injuries, decreased insurance premiums, decreased absenteeism due to injury, and a boost in employee engagement all contributed to the safety program’s high return on investment.

  • The manufacturing company was able to gain a competitive advantage through the cost savings that it achieved.

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