Success Story

Sales Incentive Program

Sales Incentive Program

Sales teams can be highly motivated by non-cash rewards programs. Awards Network’s online incentive program is a perfect fit for busy sales managers who want to implement a sales contest or sales incentive program quickly.

Our wide variety of brand name merchandise, gift cards, and travel experiences will appeal to any demographic and ensure your rewards catalog has items that your sales team will want.

With Awards Network’s reporting dashboard, sales managers can track the sales incentive program progress online anytime and from anywhere.


The Challenge

Client wanted to increase sales and referrals by rewarding employees and insurance agencies who referred businesses or home owners to the company.

The Solution

Awards Network designed an online incentive program featuring brand name merchandise, travel and gift card options. Employees and insurance agents could sign up for a free account to start earning rewards. Awards Network worked with the client to design a set of goals and budget along with ways to promote the program.

Each approved referral earned the participant $15 worth of points. Depending on the value of the job once completed, the employee or agent could earn between $20 – $1000. A total of about 150 participants are currently active in the program.


The Results

  • Over $7500 have been awarded to participants
  • The client received double the amount of referrals 
  • 3 participants have been identified as the top performers, driving the largest volume of business and earned an end of year bonus for participating

The client was satisfied with the results of the sales incentive program and renewed it for the following two years. They have also decided to start rewarding participants who sign up for continuing education courses and for completing them.