Success Story

Call Center Incentive Program

Call Center Incentive Program

Call centers are often subject to high turnover and absenteeism and low employee engagement. Companies in the call center  can turn to a call center program such as peer to peer recognition, customer service and attendance awards to combat these problems.

Awards Network’s flexible online incentive programs allow each client to tailor the call center program to specific organizational objectives. With Awards Network’s reporting capabilities, organizations are able to determine the progress of an incentive program anytime, anywhere.

Call Center

The Challenge

A client approached Awards Network to assist in rewarding, engaging and recognizing their call center employees with incentives.

The Solution

Awards Network designed a call center program that allowed employees to access the program website with a unique username and password. Each user’s account contained baseline targets that need to be attained to earn award points. Each time points were awarded, employees were automatically notified by email. After the kickoff period, emphasis was heavily placed on monthly sales goals and customer satisfaction ratings. Employees were able to earn points for improving their processing times.

Since the incentive program goals were introduced over a 6 month period, emphasis was equally placed on the organization’s various objectives. Throughout the call center program, employees were able to nominate co-workers for different reasons as part of the incentive program’s peer to peer recognition component.


The Results

  • Employee retention rates increased by 25%
  • Attendance rates increased from 85% to 95%
  • Overall processing time for calls in all areas decreased by 15%
  • The customer satisfaction rating soared from 79% to 90%

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