Employee Engagement IdeasYou can improve bottom line results by targeting employee engagement. This can also help your organization achieve a better position in the market. When you partner with Awards Network, you will get a low-cost custom website with the features you decide on. Your account management team will also help you put together communications to get the word out about the program. As employees reach goals, they will earn brand name gifts. These employee engagement awards can be sent directly to the employee’s home or to the office.

Employee Engagement Program Features:

  • Custom employee engagement website
  • Peer to peer, feedback/survey capabilities built into program
  • Participants earn points that can be saved or spent on merchandise
  • Hundreds of brands to select from
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee with all employee orders

Achieve Bottom Line Results with Employee Engagement Ideas

Your employee engagement program can include many goals like performance, years of service awards, mentoring, training and customer service awards. When you recognize and reward employees, you will actively improve employee engagement. It is important to have a way for managers and employees to recognize and award each other often. Our system will do just that! You won’t have to track points manually or add points one by one. We have a streamlined method for tracking and adding points and also have API capabilities.

Employee Engagement Program Tips:

  • Gather employee feedback when planning a program
  • Let employees select their own reward
  • Make sure everyone can access the program if it is online
  • Instruct managers and employees how to use the program
  • Evaluate the program at least annually and make changes if needed
  • Communicate with participants how the engagement program is personally relevant to them