Employee Recognition Solutions

Turn your workplace into an engaged culture of recognition!

Learn how to develop a rewarding and memorable award program
that is unique to your organization.

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Milestone Award Programs

Recognize your employees' special occasions with memorable awards!

Celebrate employee dedication, such as service milestones, retirement or employee of the month, by showing your appreciation for their hard work. Your employees can select from a wide variety of brand name gifts, travel options and gift cards at the price point you select.

  • Choose from four customized recognition presentation options to assist in distributing award information to employees.
  • Receive a complimentary award website, branded with your logo and colors.
  • Employees can redeem their gifts online, mail or fax.
  • Multiple award price levels, for varying levels of accomplishments, starting at $25.
  • Each price level features 100+ lifestyle awards.
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    How Milestone Award Programs Work


Presentation materials are customized with your company logo
and personalized with your employees’ names.
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Point Incentive Programs

Reward your employees with points over time with an incentive program!

Engage and recognize employees each day, week or at your desired frequency! Employees can earn points as they meet your performance-based metrics. Points can be spent immediately or saved for larger, higher valued brand name items, gift cards or travel options.

  • Award points to employees for accomplishing company-wide goals, finding solutions to obstacles, mentoring other employees, going above and beyond and more!
  • Align employee engagement with your business objectives.
  • Branded award website will be designed exactly to your company's specifications.
  • Immediate recognition with online features such as e-cards, peer-to-peer, competitive leaderboards, online resource center, quizzes and more.
  • Simple to administer program with 24/7 access to reporting dashboard.
  • Promote your incentive program with marketing materials designed by our team. 

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Point Incentive Programs
Track employees’ achievements and goals reached, 
on a customized online platform, designed with your business in mind.

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Our Recognition Award Catalog

Your employees can choose from thousands of awards, travel and gift cards!

Awards Network partners with hundreds of brand names and carries thousands of gifts for your employees to choose from. 

  • Celebrate company victories and recognize employees who have contributed.
  • All awards ship free within the 48 contiguous states.
  • International shipping is available.
  • Awards range from approximately $20 – $6,000.
  • 300+ brand names available.
  • 50+ gift card retailers offered.
  • Wide variety of awards and experiences available for all lifestyles.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with an in-house customer service team.

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Award Catalog Categories

Award item categories include:
Electronics, jewelry, furniture, sporting goods, tools, travel, kitchen & dining,
accessories, home appliances, gift cards and more.

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“This was the easiest Service Awards Program that I have put together.”

- Human Resources Manager at The Refuge, part of Acadia Healthcare


We Have Thousands of Happy Clients, Here are Some of Them

We want to help make employee recognition a part of workplaces across the globe.
We have developed programs and gift selections that assist organizations, to reach their goals, while overcoming obstacles and industry challenges. 


Download the Ultimate Program Planning Guide

Starting an employee recognition program from scratch can be a daunting task but this planning guide will provide a useful framework for how to approach some of the most important aspects. Packed with helpful steps, research based statistics and links to additional program planning tools, this e-book will help get you started!