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Awards Network’s Blog features expert advice, case studies and research sharing our experiences and insights for employee awards with a wide variety of clients in numerous industries.

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Extreme Multitasking: Surviving the Superjob

Extreme Multitasking: Surviving the SuperjobSmart Money Magazine, May 2011
A majority of Americans have taken on extra duties at work, often without more pay. How the up-and-down economy has redefined multitasking…

Grateful Isn’t Dead

Employee Incentive ProgramsInStore Magazine, May 2011
Did the slump not kill employee-incentive programs?
The effect was actually the opposite, say firms in the field…

What Can Incentives Do For You?

What Can Employee Incentives Do For You?A&E Magazine, May 2011
Although awards and engraved items were often grouped together with incentive programs as motivational tools, in the past few years, merchandise incentives have developed their own niche. Find out why and how incentive programs could be integrated into your business model…

Awards Network Announces New Flexible Incentive Solutions

Awards Network Employee Recognition ProgramsIncentive Magazine, October 2008
Awards Network, a incentive program provider based in LaPorte, Ind., the company announced that it is now offering referral and wellness programs aimed at recession-proofing businesses. According to Awards Network…

Awards Network Offering Referral & Wellness Incentives

Employee Referral & Wellness IncentivesConnectIT Newsletter, October 2008
Download PDF Version
Awards Network, designer of flexible and online incentive programs, has announced that it will now be offering referral and wellness incentive program solutions to clients seeking to reduce costs and…

Precautionary Measures – Offering Effective Safety Incentives

Employee Referral & Wellness IncentivesPremium Incentive Products, September/October 2008
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What is the cost of an unsafe working environment? Does it go beyond the corporate budget? Surely the cost of a life lost or forever altered by injury cannot be…

Awards Network Press Releases

Visit Awards Network at SHRM 2012

Visit Awards Network at SHRM 2012 for Employee AwardsDownload PDF Version
Join Awards Network June 24- 27 in Atlanta. Stop by booth 1948 to learn about employee recognition and incentive programs. Scan your badge for a chance to win a new Keurig coffee maker..

Awards Network Sponsoring Webcast on Top Ten Ideas to Freshen Up Your Employee Incentive Program & Make it a Success

Employee Awards WebcastDownload PDF Version
Awards Network is sponsoring an webcast covering ideas to freshen up an employee incentive program as part of a two day Recognition & Rewards virtual event. The incentive program…

Awards Network Sponsoring Webcast on Modern Employee Wellness Programs

Modern Employee Wellness ProgramsDownload PDF Version
Awards Network will be sponsoring an employee health and wellness program webcast on to demonstrate modern wellness program best practices, newest trends and the benefits organizations implementing them can…


Awards Network Presenting Sales Incentive Program Workshop at EcSELL Institute Sales Coaching Summit

Sales Incentive Program WorkshopDownload PDF Version
Awards Network will be presenting a sales incentive program workshop as part of the Six Pillars of Sales Productivity Workshops held by EcSELL Institute. The Summit is attended by sales…

Awards Network Reports Sales Incentive and Loyalty Programs on the Rise

Sales Incentive and Loyalty Programs on the RiseDownload PDF Version
Awards Network reports that in the past year, the number of its sales and loyalty programs has more than doubled. Companies looking for a solution to increasing sales and loyalty…

Awards Network Launches Downloadable Samples

Downloadable Samples for Employee Awards ProgramsDownload PDF Version
Awards Network is announcing the addition of a complimentary online recognition and incentive resource library in which visitors to the Awards Network website can fill out a short form to download…

Awards Network Unveils Updated Website & Resources

Updated Employee Awards Website & ResourcesDownload PDF Version
Awards Network unveiled its new website today,, which has been updated to enhance visitor experience and provide additional resources to people interested in learning more…

Awards Network Early Stage Incentive Program Planning

Early Stage Incentive Program PlanningDownload PDF Version
Awards Network’s experts are ready to answer strategic incentive program setup questions. As part of an ongoing initiative to share its experience and best practices, Awards Network encourages companies in…

Awards Network Offers Complimentary Redemption Websites

Complimentary Employee Rewards Redemption WebsitesDownload PDF Version
As part of Awards Network’s green initiative, the company has announced a limited time offer to new clients: free, custom recognition website creation and unlimited emailing capabilities with the set…

Awards Network 2010 Catalog Provides Awards to Engage Employees

Employee Awards CatalogDownload PDF Version
Awards Network released their 2010 award catalog featuring over 270 brands and 15 different priced collections. The Awards Network gift catalog contains merchandise and travel options suitable for any demographic…

Awards Network Report Dashboard Enables Easy Program Monitoring

Employee Awards Dashboard Enables Easy MonitoringDownload PDF Version
Awards Network recently rolled out a completely complimentary analytical program called the Report Dashboard which provides clients with in depth reporting on all aspects of online incentive programs…

Awards Network Employee Incentives Reduce Costs Amid Recession

Employee Incentives Reduce Costs Amid RecessionDownload PDF Version
Awards Network incentive program solutions are designed to lower hiring, operational and healthcare costs while maximizing employee motivation and retention. By providing brand name merchandise and expert recognition and incentive…

Awards Network Incentive Programs Assist with Recession Proofing

Recession Proofing Employee Incentive ProgramsDownload PDF Version
Awards Network is now offering referral and wellness incentive program solutions to clients seeking to reduce costs and recession-proof their business. Attracting and retaining quality talent and loyal customers is…

Awards Network Programs Maximize Employee Potential

Maximize Employee PotentialDownload PDF Version
In times of economic downturn, organizations across the United States are forced to make cutbacks and limit pay increases. Awards Network employee award programs combat poor employee morale and high…

Awards Network Releases Resource Guide

Employee Rewards Resource GuideDownload PDF Version
Seeking to inform and educate companies intending to implement an employee recognition or incentive program, Awards Network has released an educational resource guide which details the wide variety of programs…

Awards Network Releases 2008 Corporate Holiday Gift Catalog

2008 Corporate Holiday Gift CatalogDownload PDF Version
In addition to its solid foundation of providing employee recognition and incentive solutions to numerous companies and organizations throughout the US, Awards Network offers a unique approach to corporate holiday…

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